eyesmalltrans 14 March 2017 @ 1:00am EDT - Written by: Brad

VRTheatre v1.11 Beta is now available for download! It contains many of the features we have been teasing for the last few months such as our Leap+Touch control scheme, 360 Video Playback, streaming video support, and two new environments! You can find more detailed information about what has been fixed/changed in VRTheatre v1.11 in our Change Log. As always we appreciate your continued support and feedback. Please enjoy this new release!


Check out the videos below to see some of the new features in action:


Leap+Touch Demonstration:



360 Video Playback:




eyesmalltrans 20 December 2016 @ 8:35pm EST - Written by: Brad

This video demonstrates some of the 360 Video capabilities of VRTheatre. This captured video is filmed direct with Oculus Rift + Leap Motion + Oculus Touch. The first half of the video, the 360 feed is being taken live directly from a Kodak SP360 Camera positioned up and behind the user, streaming in real time via the camera's WiFi connection and compressed via our proprietary compression technology allowing the stream to be transferred with incredibly low bandwidth yet still maintaining quality. The latency in the video is unfortunately due to the Kodak SP360's limitations via the mjpeg WiFi stream (This is an undocumented feature of this camera anyway). The second half of the video features some video footage taken with the SP360 and streamed via a 4G gateway back to a remote server for compression/storage for later viewing, again using our proprietary compression technology. The VRTheatre update containing 360 Video playback support will be released very soon!


Check out the video below:



eyesmalltrans 16 December 2016 @ 12:11am EST - Written by: Brad

We are happy to announce that the new version of VRTheatre with Oculus Touch support is nearly ready! The video below shows the new Leap+Touch control system in the upcoming VRTheatre update. This unique control system allows for five finger hand tracking provided by the Leap Motion, working in tandem with the Oculus Touch controllers used as “tools” being tracked via the Oculus Constellation tracking system. The video also gives a sneak peak at one of the new scenes (Stonehenge) featured in the update. We will have more updates coming very soon showing more of the upcoming features in the new release.


Check out LeapTouch below:



eyesmalltrans 23 August 2016 @ 8:26pm EDT - Written by: Brad

Hello World! It's been awhile since our last update. We have been hard at work on numerous projects we absolutely can not wait to share with you all! Today, we are pleased to announce that the the long awaited v1.0 Beta of VRTheatre for the Oculus Rift is finally ready and available for download. This update addresses many stability issues and bugs found in the previous release.

You can find more detailed information about whats fixed/changed in our Change Log.

We are currently hard at work fine tuning our motion controlled interface as well as integrating support for even more motion control hardware such as the Ximmerse, Oculus Touch, and full support for the HTC Vive. We are also working on integrating support for 360 video in the next update! Please check back soon, we have some exciting things coming in the very near future!


If you haven't seen VRTheatre in action, check out the video below or click here for more information/download.



- Playback engine powered by VLC. Supports most formats supported by VLC Icon.tiny VLC
- Direct video device display support (allows things like webcams, capture cards etc to be displayed)
- Resizeable screen
- Multiple immersive video watching locations (asteroid, island, void, etc)
- AR modes (Leap Motion Required)
- HTML 5 Browser (Mnemonic Mode only, currently very basic but will improve over time)
- Dynamically generatable and movable display mode (Matrix mode)
- Multiple supported control types: Leap Motion (Recommended), Gamepad, Oculus Remote, Keyboard and Mouse or any combo of the five



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